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applied art specialisation course
applied art specialisation course

Applied Art Specialisation Courses

Courses accredited by London Academy Certification and Examination Board - United Kingdom (UK)

  • Fashion Sketching
  • Anime (Manga) Drawings
  • Animation Sketching

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Certificate in Charcoal and Soft Pastels
Certificate in Charcoal and Soft Pastels



Charcoal and Pastel course are a very specialised course for those who are keen in this kind of art works.

Whether you would like to develop your skills in drawing with charcoal, or venture into the world of using soft pastels to create your original art works, here is the ideal weekend course for you.

This course is designed for those wishing to learn the skills and explore the exciting medium of charcoal and soft pastels – both as a means of deciphering an unfamiliar subject and as a way of making sketches.

It is also for students interested in developing charcoal and soft pastels portfolios for admission to college-level programs, and for individuals looking to create paintings for personal enrichment and other professional opportunities.

Learn how to manipulate your artworks to stunning effect, get hints and tips on working and re-working your paintings as they dry, and discover charcoal & soft pastels techniques that will add a stunning depth, light and character to your work.

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Learn to draw Anime (Manga)  in a structured approach like a pro! 

Our faculty will guide you from the basics, right though to the skills you will need to reach professional level!

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Fashion Sketching will take design process to next level. It is imperative that a Fashion Designer should have sound knowledge of sketching.

This course takes you there. With strong focus on fundamentals and keeping in mind the Designer’s point of view.

Sketching lets you get all the obvious ideas out of the way, so you can start coming up with stronger, more innovative concepts. Plus, you never know what will inspire you – it could be one of those obvious sketches that spark a million dollar idea!

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Certificate in Still Life and Composition



Still Life is the art of drawing and painting inanimate or still objects objects like fruit, flowers, food and every day things. At Konsult, the course is practical oriented paintings approach to the subject and it rooted in the traditions of western figurative art. You will look at things with a fresh eye, to understand and relish color and to build confidence by developing and putting into practice good

Composition is an arrangement of elements that makes us see them as a whole. Every artwork has some composition. You either create it consciously or by accident, but you can’t create a drawing without it. It’s like the skeleton of a living creature—you can’t see the bones, but they make the body look like it does. Without the skeleton there would be no form. In a more practical sense, composition is the relation between the elements of the picture. And this relation, not the elements, is the first thing we notice. At the same time, it’s actually invisible for us.technique.

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