Art Courses Online – Blended – Self and Online Interactive


What is Blended Learning?

In our case, Blended learning is the practice of using both Self -learning and online interactive live classes.

What is Self learning and how many sessions are there in Self – learning?

In our case, Self – learning is done by the individual using our online videos. You can learn in your own time and schedule. You login and learn on your own seamlessly. In Self learning there are 15 to 20 Video Sessions.

How many Online Live Interactive sessions are provided?

There are Four Online Live Interactive Sessions. Students have the option to add more sessions at extra cost if they require more. You can contact our production team on +91 9902739994 for further details

Why is Online Live Interactive sessions important?

The Online Live Interactive sessions are important because they are highly interactive with doubt clearing and user interaction. The teaching – learning process is as good or close to one’s experience in attending a traditional classroom session.