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Fundamental Course in Sketching and Drawing - Start from Basics and step to a higher level


Learn to sketch and shade structured manner. The course imparts inputs in movement of pencil, drawing measurement and freehand drawing techniques to transform you to a great sketching artist.

It is also for students interested in developing sketching portfolios for admission to college-level programs, and for individuals looking to create sketching for personal enrichment and other professional opportunities.

The First Step – Basic Lines
Basic Shading Methods
Basic Tonal Values (Light and Shadow)
Video Lesson – Measurement and Basic Shapes
Video Lesson – Basic Still Life Object
Basic Flower
Basic Tree and Tree with Lighting
Draw a beautiful Bird
Layering Colors – Basic Apple
Fruits Coloring
Color a Vegetable with leaves
Landscape – Hatching Method
Landscape basics
Basic Landscape in Color 1
Basic Landscape in Color 2
Basic Landscape House
Stiil Life – Sketching Fruit Bowl
E Book – Web resources


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