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Konsult has touched upon lives of 12000 + creative learners from various parts of the world! They range from a workshop to Advanced level courses including various Multi National Corporations to International Schools!

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18 + Countries Students learnt from Online! India | USA | UK | Canada | Australia | Singapore | UAE | Oman | Saudi Arabia | Qatar | Kuwait | Bahrain | Malaysia | Indonesia | Thailand | New Zealand | Germany | Spain | Nigeria | Sri Lanka & Others

plus Study Material

1000+ Art Works as Study Material for all ages and across all genres developed by experienced Artists. 

Artists engaged

From creating content, to advising us, training the teacher’s, more than 50 Artist’s have reposed faith on us Pan India! 

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Konsult Creative Education

What sets Konsult apart is its global reach through online classes. In today’s interconnected world, art has the power to transcend borders, and Konsult has harnessed this potential to create a truly international community of artists.

Students from over 18 countries have joined us on our artistic journey, bringing together diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences. Through the digital realm, our students connect, learn, and create alongside fellow artists from around the globe, enriching their artistic journeys in the process.

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“We are very happy to be part of the Konsult Art & Design Academy family. We moved back from the US 1.5 years back and my son, Aniketh has been a student here since then. The teachers are proficiently skilled in art and they also have a very good philosophy of teaching here. They nurture the child’s interest in art and help the child’s talent blossom. Aniketh loves to go to his art class.”

Shuba Umesh


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