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Nurture your child's creativity!

Let Your Child Go Nuts Exploring the World!

Fun Learning DIY Subscription Box at your doorstep. Let your child explore activities of different countries! VOILA

What is Nutty Explorer?

Nutty Explorer is a fun-filled Monthly DIY Activity Box of the world which is educating, entertaining and engaging Children learn about the world as they visit one country a month. Children learn about the country’s language, culture, art, inventions, food, monuments and eminent people. Curated by the best in Education, Design and Art, our country-themed gifts inspire kids to learn about the world through activities like crafts, cooking, reading, family game and much more! 

As the Child travels, they collect frequent flyer miles on achieving the set rules. The child accumulates points and becomes eligible for a gift. Interesting, isn’t it?


Travel Kit

First Travel Kit - It introduces the child to world travel. It has a Passport, World Map, Visa Sticker, Country Flag etc. worth Rs.300/- it is free with 3 months and 6 months subscriptions.

Monthly Country
Travel Box

Travel to One Country a month - Fun, Educational and Creative! There are 5 to 6 DIY Activities with embellishments to make the journey an experience of life time learning various aspects of the country - Language, Culture, Cuisine, Inventions, Tourist Attractions and Art!

Frequent Flyers Club

Every Child is a member of the Frequent Flyer Club! Accumulate points and become eligible for valuable gifts.

Subscription Box - How Does it Work?

Make the Payment

Make the payment and sign up for the best gift you would have given to your child!

Delivered to You

Every month your child will explore a new country with each box!

Create and Play

There are lot of activities to be created and experienced! Your child will learn a lot and also have lotsa fun!

Have Fun

Our curated creative activities will inspire kids to become creative problem solvers. Keep the fun coming!

Subscription Box - What's Inside?

Explore the Country

Take your child on a journey through each new country embedded with mind tickling activities.

Inspired Crafts

The crafts has been curated by some of the finest in the field of Education, Design and Art field to give your a unique experience relevant to the chosen country

Screen Free Activities

There are lots of screen free activities like game and quiz connected with the destination. Not just the child, the entire family can enjoy!

Junior Chef

Your child will don the cap to make a recipe of the destination country. Curated by Celebrity Chef Zara just for your own child!

Meet your Travel Partners



6 Months

  • Works out to just Rs. 695/- per month
  • First Global Kit worth Rs.300/- Free
  • Delivery Free
  • 1 Free Online Interactive Junior Chef Class worth Rs.700/-
The Best

3 Months

  • Works out to just Rs.745/- per month
  • First Global Kit worth Rs.300/- Free
  • Delivery Free
  • 1 Free Online Interactive Art Class Rs.300/-


  • Works out to just Rs.795/- per month
  • Delivery Free

Kindly note: Delivery free only in India. For International destinations, charges apply. Kindly WhatsApp @ +91 9902739994 for details before buying.


Explore | Experience | Enjoy

Explore this Month's Subscription Box - Egypt!

  • Explore EgyptCountry Activity Guide
  • Activity: Make Your Own Pyramid Gift Box
  • Activity: Make Your Own Magnet Art – Egyptian Themed
  • Activity: Make hand made paper and create a scrap book – Egypt was pioneer in creating Papyrus (the earliest handmade paper).
  • Activity: Expedition Game. Wait for the surprise!
  • Activity: Become a Junior Chef and bake a “Mummy Cookie” (with Instructional Video QR Code) and Recipe
  • Activity: Excavate the Treasure: Learn Archaeology and excavate treasures from earth. Fascinated?
  • Other Freebies include: Egypt Post Card | Boarding Pass | Welcome Card
  • Letter from Captain Nut with Top Ten Attractions Video QR Code
  • Frequent Flyers Club: Update as you finish the activities and send it to us and get rewarded!

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month Nutty Explore Box sends you a country exploration activity box. The Box includes country themed activities (Six Activities, Country Exploration Booklet, Freebies and more!). Includes a Country themed recipe!

We normally ship our subscription boxes within one week after your order. Depending on the distance, it is expected to reach within 10 days of the order.

The suggested  children from ages 6–12 years old. For less than six years, we recommend that parents help the younger kids with the activities.

Sorry. We do not accept returns. However, we strive to put together the best boxes possible for you and your family. If you have feedback or suggestions to make it better please shoot us an e-mail.

We offer Monthly, 3 or 6 Month Subscription packages. You can what you want to.  3 month and 6 month subscription offer better discount and some additional freebies

A full list of what’s included, can be found on in this page (scroll just a bit above) that says what inside in this months Country Subscription box

Yes. You can add in the name of the Child you are gifting the Nutty Explorer Box and we will address their letters and boxes to them directly. You can also add in a short personalised message to be included in your first box at checkout or even send a mail to us regarding this with all details. How cool!

Yes, delivery is free within India. No charges apply

Yes, we ship our subscription boxes around the world. Additional delivery charges apply as per the detaination. Kindly check with us (by mail 0r WhatsApp) before ordering. The delivery takes longer and depending on your order we can send out the boxes in batches to reduce the wait time. If you have any further queries use the contact form to contact us.

Send your enquiry or any query here..
Nutty Explorer Enquiry Form

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