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Diploma in Sketching and Illustration – 60 Sessions – Online Interactive

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Programme Overview

  • Structured Art Learning
  • Practice Oriented
  • 3 Modules Specialisations

Description of the course is given below

This class builds upon the concepts of an introductory education class and tailors its instruction specifically to those who want to teach art courses. Students in an art teaching class learn about the best ways to present art to children and learn how to teach a range of art media, from drawing to painting using various mediums.

Almost every form of artwork begins with drawing, making this class extremely important. In this class, students learn about spacing, proportion, perspective, copying, coloring, figurative drawing and deconstructionism.

Most drawing classes require students to take traditional exams and work on an artistic portfolio, both of which count towards their grades. This rudimentary art class is mandatory for anyone interested in teaching art courses.

This course is meant to give beginners a strong foundation in Visual Art. Students are introduced to the basics of sketching, drawing and painting in various media. The course also includes technique training and theory discussions aided by practical work.

Students will study important concepts such as color & composition, tonal values, perspective, negative spacing, anatomy study and much more. Technique study would include topics such as texturing, measuring, using viewfinders, under painting etc. Students will also be guided towards developing their own personal style of painting.

Overall, the course is meant to break down inhibitions, dispel myths and make the student a confident artist. During the course, the students will learn the following media:

Mediums Covered:  

  • Pencil
  • Oil
Focus Areas : 
  • Sketching
  • Oil Painting
  • Water


A portfolio is a collection of your work, which shows how your skills and ideas have developed over a period of time. It demonstrates your creativity, personality, abilities and commitment, and helps us to evaluate your potential.

When we assess a portfolio, the research and processes you have used to develop your work are as important as the final work itself. We are particularly interested in your most recent work presented in best possible manner

Teaching Module

This is a combination of theory and practicals and is a self learning module with practice. The focus will be on:

  • Teaching methodologies (E Book)
  • Art appreciation (E Book)
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