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Fundamental Course in Sketching and Drawing – Start from Basics and step to a higher level

$240.00 $14.93

Learn to sketch and shade structured manner. The course imparts inputs in movement of pencil, drawing measurement and freehand drawing techniques to transform you to a great sketching artist.

It is also for students interested in developing sketching portfolios for admission to college-level programs, and for individuals looking to create sketching for personal enrichment and other professional opportunities.

Learn how to manipulate your artwork to stunning effect, get hints and tips on working and re-working your paintings as they dry, and discover painting techniques that will add a stunning depth, light and character to your work.

The Certificate Programme can be completed in 3 months validity period online!

1Materials required for Sketching and Drawing
2The First Step – Basic Lines
3Basic Shading Methods
4Basic Tonal Values (Light and Shadow) 1 & 2
5 Measurement and Basic Shapes
6Basic Still Life Object
7Basic Flower
8Basic Tree and Tree with Lighting
9Draw a beautiful Bird
10Layering Colors – Basic Apple
11Still life – Fruits Coloring
12Color a Vegetable with leaves 1
13Color a Vegetable with leaves 2
14Landscape – Hatching Method
15Basic Landscape in Color 1
16Basic Landscape in Color 2
17Basic Landscape B & W – House
19E Book – Web resources
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