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Refund & Cancelation policy

All Courses – Online and on Camppus Purchases are Final and Non-Refundable and cannot be canceled for any reason.

Once the course (classes/events/workshops/self-study) is purchased/accessed, no refund/cancellation will be granted regardless of the reason unless the class/event has been canceled by us.  If the classes/events/workshops have been canceled by us, we shall refund the full amount. We can assist you to get started with the course if you are having any trouble. Kindly email us at konsultart@gmail.com


Subscription payments, also called recurring payments, are automatic payments on a schedule. If the customer has opted for subscription payment, the payments are done automatically by the card company/bank as per the schedule. If the customer wants to cancel the subscription then he has to instruct his card company/bank or send us an email to konsultart@gmail.com requesting to cancel the subscription. The subscription will be cancelled in the next cycle after the receipt of the mail to us from the customer. The customer cannot claim any refund of subscription paid, if they have not attended any class or classes.