About Us

Founded in 2011

Shahina Ashraf - Founder

Mrs Shahina Ashraf is an Artist and an entrepreneur.

Shahina calls herself “nature’s artist” as all her paintings are inspired by nature. She carries art materials wherever she is travelling and does impromptu paintings on the spot. She has been featured in leading newspapers – Times of India & Deccan Herald The Higher Education Review. She has a strong passion for Social Services and women empowerment. She was awarded the “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” by Women Economic Forum (July 25 & 26, 2020)

Usman Ashraf Ali - CEO

Ashraf has a rich corporate and entrepreneurial experience of 3 decades. He has worked with leading multinationals in India and overseas. An MBA from a leading business school, he has travelled to various part of the world. He has close ties with educational institutions in Singapore. 

He was featured and interviewed by Human Capital Magazine, Singapore and TV Channels regarding Management Education in Singapore. 

Konsult Art and Design Academy was rated among the Top 20 Institutions in Bangalore by The Higher Education Review (2018)

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Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission:

“At Konsult Art and Design Academy, we are committed to nurturing the creative spirit within individuals of all ages. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where artistic expression flourishes, skills are honed, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts is cultivated.

Our Core Values:

Inclusivity: We believe that art knows no boundaries, and we welcome learners of all backgrounds and skill levels. We strive to create a diverse and supportive community where everyone feels valued and respected.

Inspiration: We are dedicated to igniting the spark of inspiration. Our goal is to expose our students to a wide range of artistic mediums, techniques, and styles, fostering their ability to think critically and express themselves creatively.

Education: We provide comprehensive and engaging art education programs led by passionate and experienced instructors. Our curriculum is designed to develop technical skills while encouraging experimentation and personal growth.

Community: We believe that art thrives in a supportive community. We promote collaboration, encourage the exchange of ideas, and provide opportunities for artists of all ages to connect and share their work.

Creativity: We celebrate the power of imagination and encourage our students to explore their unique artistic voices. Our aim is to empower individuals to embrace their creativity and use it as a tool for personal and societal transformation.

Lifelong Learning: We are committed to nurturing a lifelong love for the arts. Whether our students are beginners or experienced artists, we provide opportunities for continuous growth and exploration.

Our Vision:

We envision Konsult Art and Design Academy as a hub of artistic innovation and excellence, where individuals of all ages discover the joy of creating, develop their artistic skills, and find a sense of belonging within a vibrant artistic community. Through our programs, we aim to inspire a new generation of artists and art enthusiasts who will enrich the world with their creativity and passion.

Join us on this artistic journey, where imagination knows no bounds, creativity knows no age, and the love of art knows no limits. Together, we will shape a more colorful and expressive world.”

Konsult Art and Design Academy is dedicated to making this mission a reality by offering a diverse range of art classes, workshops, and events for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


What Our Students Have to Say

We are very happy to be part of the Konsult Art & Design Academy family. We moved back from the US 1.5 years back and my son, Aniketh has been a student here since then. The teachers are proficiently skilled in art and they also have a very good philosophy of teaching here. They nurture the child’s interest in art and help the child’s talent blossom. Aniketh loves to go to his art class.
Shuba Umesh
Our daughter is going for the oil painting course at Konsult for last one year and it has been an amazing experience so far. We’ve seen her improving day by day with great mentors at the academy. We would love to be associated with Konsult which provides such a great platform for art.
Sasmita Panda
I did visual art course in Konsult art academy and enjoyed every bit of it.The faculty members are really good! I thank Shahina ma’am, Vijetha, Amit, Ankitha and the management for their support.
Shwethashree Sudheer
Excellent academy. Friendly teachers.
Good environment to slow down and spend time to learn arts in this fast paced world
Mona Balakrishnan