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Discover our diverse range of art classes for all ages and skill levels.



Immerse yourself in the world of oil painting with our comprehensive classes led by skilled instructors, suitable for beginners to advanced artists.


Oil Painting

Unlock your creativity with our immersive watercolor classes, where you’ll learn various techniques and styles to express your artistic visions.



Master the timeless art of drawing and sketching with our professional guidance and coursework designed to enhance your skills and perspective.

Why Choose Konsult Art and Design Academy?

Experience top-tier art education, personalized guidance, and a vibrant artistic community to nurture your talent and passion.

Wide Range of Techniques

From charcoal to acrylics, we offer a diverse range of art techniques to help you explore and expand your artistic horizons.

Online Classes Available

Join our online art classes from anywhere in the world and experience the same level of expert instruction and guidance.

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Join Art and Design Academy and embark on a creative adventure to discover the artist within you.

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